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added by Ryan on 2006-03-16
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Is there any way to download it? I hate how this always disappears off the Internet for months and then comes back :'(
Bobo posted on 2012-12-26 19:29:46

this is so epic.
dave posted on 2012-01-11 05:02:09

Caption: Yes I am angry.
Erica posted on 2011-12-17 22:31:01

How do I download this??
John posted on 2011-12-06 01:55:18

how to make this avatar to be 100x100 pixels and the size to 35 KB?
Guest posted on 2011-11-28 05:13:29

It's soooo epicly awesome!!!!!!!!! I wish it was a smaller file, so I can have it as my avatar :(
kitty posted on 2011-11-19 19:52:59

that is awesome
aaron posted on 2011-05-14 02:02:12

how do you get this as your icon or avater??????
blob-blob posted on 2011-05-04 20:10:15

how to put on Facebook?
Martin007 posted on 2011-05-01 05:08:40

Guest posted on 2011-02-28 13:53:32

Meh, my Grandmother could do that... and she's dead.
Chuck norris posted on 2011-01-30 20:11:13

how do you put get it ?????????
joe posted on 2011-01-16 04:32:07

n posted on 2010-12-24 19:43:50

That was awesomly EPIC!! I bet the guy was pissed all that crap he tolerated for that....this is FUNNY!!!!
Mark posted on 2010-12-01 23:02:42

@Tom Just right click on avatar and click save as and choose destination. THen when you want to preview it right click the .gif file and open with firefox or whatever internet browser you are using
Vincent posted on 2010-11-06 20:59:17

Vincent posted on 2010-11-06 07:33:28

How can i download this Avatar, always wehn i downloaded it to my Desktop it says theres no preview available... -.-"
Tom posted on 2010-08-04 19:06:36

Amy posted on 2010-08-01 03:44:19

Awsome ill use this on PF
Superman29 posted on 2010-07-22 06:13:45

cel mai tare acatar
denis posted on 2010-06-06 21:04:43

cel mai tare acatar
denis posted on 2010-06-06 21:04:41

Freeking awesome dude im using it defo!
Viper pilot posted on 2010-06-04 01:30:17

lmao this is the best one i've seen in a long time.
Guest posted on 2010-06-01 16:09:52

.. posted on 2010-05-26 06:57:34

The awesomest
OddLyoko posted on 2010-05-26 01:07:34

I acted the same way when I learned my friend liked the same boy I did.
Audrey posted on 2010-05-23 05:19:12

loool! i like it xD
azn posted on 2010-05-05 18:56:39

He sure is determined as hell to get out of that animation box...
Bio Weapon no. 154 posted on 2010-04-21 13:29:39

E. posted on 2010-04-19 16:48:23

masterpiece of black and white dots
Guest posted on 2010-04-17 03:34:03

u cant upload this =(
Guest posted on 2010-04-16 04:43:04

Far out bro ------ - - - ----- ----- ----------- - - -- - - - - ---- - - - - ---- ---- - - - - - - - ---- ----- ----- _ _______________________________________________
its all a conspirisy posted on 2010-02-06 02:18:28

my posted on 2010-02-04 22:08:25

Muito massa galera coitado do carinha
Nagato posted on 2010-01-11 03:52:31

like one of those street fighter ultra combos. crazy
Guest posted on 2009-12-20 08:58:58

Guest posted on 2009-12-15 19:18:20

creative and funny
Guest posted on 2009-12-07 23:53:58

Is there a way to resize?
Wolvey posted on 2009-12-02 22:24:35

It doesn't work, so as Bean's avatar.
Maria posted on 2009-11-28 21:38:26

maggie posted on 2009-11-20 14:55:52 punk kid !@! No one gives a !@#$% what you saw where...
M4550T posted on 2009-09-18 21:15:11

how dumb are you idiots? you can find this video on youtube by searching "stick guy". theres also a second one, and a third one. I've wastched them a lot before. They're good at first and begin to be boring.
kingsman142 posted on 2009-08-29 18:20:47

strong door... amazig avatar
Guest posted on 2009-08-20 20:58:25

awesome avatar... cool...
D posted on 2009-08-20 13:05:30

wooooooooooooooooooowwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tkghkhtyujuu posted on 2009-07-29 11:16:36

It so funny i got it on my myspace page
Bob posted on 2009-07-15 06:09:10

Stick men is so funny.the one how mad it up pelase make more of them.
Zakeel posted on 2009-07-15 05:54:10

wtf you destroying your neighbour's wall???? that guy is stronger than the terminator..... (D8)
The_Terminator posted on 2009-06-24 22:40:16

it doesn't work thats what i meant.
Guest posted on 2009-06-16 00:13:03

Frequency99 use the "Direct link to Avatar" don't use the "HTML code" because it doesn't.
Guest posted on 2009-06-16 00:04:11

Ahhhh i cant get it to work as my avatar what the he double hokey sticks some one fix it
Frequency99 posted on 2009-06-11 02:26:48

simply amazing you should continue to make more
the video game lord posted on 2009-05-28 17:20:42

perfect, now if only i could make my own stick people, any tips, ebooks you could suggest. - tnx.
va9rant posted on 2009-05-28 06:28:36 marvelous
dafe posted on 2009-05-28 04:09:31

how cud i tranfer ur free avatars?can u send it thru my email,heres mine thanx alot..
Alex posted on 2009-05-05 17:29:04

This is brilliant!
Zoo posted on 2009-04-22 01:29:28

THAT WAS EPIC!!! ... I am so going to use this.
gallardo1028 posted on 2009-04-21 05:12:47

guys, to use it, just copy the direct link to avatar and paste it on your works not as a pic...but a movie itself..
Guest posted on 2009-04-17 17:45:11

Guest posted on 2009-04-15 03:54:47

Guest posted on 2009-04-04 08:34:29

Nice ryan kick ass
Guest posted on 2009-03-28 22:35:23

wow this is pritty cool
Guest posted on 2009-03-27 02:54:55

This is awsome ryan!!! i love the crazyness :)
Guest posted on 2009-03-25 23:49:12

good one tinus. stealing too
Guest posted on 2009-03-21 22:03:37

taken from a animated vid ive seen dozens o remakes of...
bob posted on 2009-02-25 08:08:35

Calm down there Stick Person Lol!
Steve posted on 2009-02-19 04:11:50

bob posted on 2009-02-19 00:55:19

By far, one of the best animated avatars I've seen!
xsylus posted on 2009-02-18 00:07:12

... I am so going to use this. xDDD
Guest posted on 2009-02-17 21:58:41

he should of try open that door with key... Idiot but cool !!!
Guest posted on 2009-02-17 09:54:34

Now that is funny!
Mojo posted on 2009-02-01 15:42:48

FOR THE NOOOBS HU CANT DL***** u noobs, right click and save as. ~ how is that hard ffs lol NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBS now that you have what you need is there anything else maybe???     
Guest posted on 2009-01-31 14:49:12

i must have it please make a format for youtube or kongregate please!!!
OMAN160 posted on 2009-01-25 21:58:18

nice work butt when i download i only get 10 seconds of it. how do you download the whole thing?
??? posted on 2008-12-18 19:23:26

yes! sumwun finally showed me how 2 open a door XD
Guest posted on 2008-12-08 01:57:47

wont work 4 my computer
Guest posted on 2008-12-06 06:10:01

Guest posted on 2008-11-23 16:26:46

right click > save image. there you have it animated, enjoy
Guest posted on 2008-11-21 19:28:58

.....i MUST HAVE this animated avatar but plz .....who made it or who uploaded it plz tell us HOW THE FUCK DO WE DOWNLOAD IT SO IT CAN WORK AS ANIMATED AVATAR NOT AS PICTURE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thnks anticipated
Darkruby posted on 2008-11-20 18:34:55

OMG ......sry guys but it worked to download it ...but didnt worked as movie only as picture so sory cuz NICE AVATAR !!:(:((:((:((
Darkruby posted on 2008-11-20 18:26:11

yeah guys i found i way to download it just copy-paste the Direct link to avatar into ur search page ..will apear the image/movie right click it (if u have Bitcomet) and select download whit Bitcomet :):P it worked for me !!enjoy and GREAT AVATAR!!!!!!!!!
Darkruby posted on 2008-11-20 18:22:31

HoW ThE FaWk Do YoU dOwNlOwD tHiS!1!1!1!
Guest posted on 2008-11-12 00:06:28

Damn It!! Too large!
Spoon posted on 2008-11-11 16:34:05

whats the name of this computer program that this avatar is based off of?
thebean posted on 2008-11-10 17:31:26

its me!! posted on 2008-11-09 19:38:38

cooool,but too big:(
Guest posted on 2008-10-25 12:42:32

cody posted on 2008-10-15 04:21:03

why cant or any websites that provide this avatar work? every time i attempt to download this it says no preview...
some one who thinks this avatar is good posted on 2008-10-14 08:36:34

size is too big for aim, can you make it smaller? if not i'll just use it for kongregate
makuta2:kongregate posted on 2008-10-14 04:39:59

how do I put this on my chat room avatar, cheers.
brian jones posted on 2008-10-10 18:28:16

how do u put this in ur doc? cuz i need it for kongregate
kongregat playa posted on 2008-09-24 04:32:29

when u done download this gif, just play it on ur browser
very smart man posted on 2008-09-12 13:33:31

download with downthemall
stefanny lopez posted on 2008-09-12 13:30:29

gw kangen banget sama D N K
gw posted on 2008-09-12 13:25:57

That's ace!!!!
Ryu posted on 2008-09-11 16:27:22

luv your work
mememememe posted on 2008-09-07 02:37:42

coooollll !!!!!
atar posted on 2008-09-06 09:39:33

ozo posted on 2008-09-03 21:43:02

Guest posted on 2008-08-25 21:50:11

I saved it on my computer......but It is not working there.......How the hell I have to save it. I tried all the means I knew but no result.
gaurav posted on 2008-08-24 09:04:55

Just left-click on the picture and it will open a link with the image. After that, just right-click is and press "Save Picture As" or "Save Picture to Disk".
Some dude posted on 2008-08-08 23:58:44

I use orbit for load this excuse me I french
joker posted on 2008-08-06 20:40:39

Really funny!
Guy posted on 2008-07-29 21:58:20

Guest posted on 2008-07-19 18:50:58

someone plz tel me HOW THE HELL TO DOWNLOAD IT PLZ.
VICKY posted on 2008-07-19 18:44:59

Luv it but file is too large to upload to my forum. bummer. They have a limit of 80x80 or 34.2KB which ever is smaller
chooka posted on 2008-07-19 05:56:11

it works fine as the avatar on my forum just right click save image as... and upload it in your forum its great, thx...!??
medicine posted on 2008-07-05 11:50:34

get your cursor and go onto the image right click it and press save image then when youve done that go onto your msn click your emoticons and click see more then when your on that go to creat then click find image then find the image and click it x2 then when youve dopne that yo0u need tyo add a keyboard szhotrtkey and a name then clicksave and your donr :)
guest posted on 2008-07-04 22:07:56

Mats posted on 2008-06-21 06:21:09

it is 1 derfulllll
soran... posted on 2008-06-16 14:23:01

Guest posted on 2008-06-10 07:54:02

guys, just right click and then click on save image as, save it to your picture folder. you can open it with windows media player or quicktime.. hope this help:)
luis posted on 2008-06-09 02:28:23

where to download it? its AWESOME!!!
Tigerclaw posted on 2008-06-01 10:18:48

Dr. T posted on 2008-06-01 06:43:21

how do you download it????????????????????????????
billybobjoe posted on 2008-05-23 00:57:07

an awesome mini animation!!
pewe posted on 2008-05-20 01:06:13

HOW DO YOU DOWNLOAD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!??!?!?
Guest posted on 2008-05-11 19:16:04

just cool!
mel posted on 2008-05-09 18:23:16

i cant save it it dont work? :l
g4v5 posted on 2008-05-08 21:58:23

Toxicstriker posted on 2008-05-02 02:09:11

it seems the avatar was shortened. why?! please edit it back to original. please
frustated posted on 2008-04-28 05:18:45

como la descargo helppppppppppp i wanna dowload this avatar thanks
CALIN posted on 2008-04-24 22:23:27

No, it kicks ass. Especially if you've ever played an RPG.
Zensins posted on 2008-04-23 23:25:53

its really gay
zack posted on 2008-04-23 18:20:44

thatz just kool
13candy posted on 2008-04-21 01:14:59

i looks good but most sites only let u put 12k memory avaters, its a little look. looks awesome though.
half baked posted on 2008-04-18 04:20:46

Croat posted on 2008-04-11 18:01:57

Can you please make one 50 by 50 size
Nobody posted on 2008-04-11 07:33:28

For all the ppl asking how to dowload, just right click on it, and click save picture as...
Guy that tells ppl stuff posted on 2008-04-11 01:36:55

omg Nice;)
you mon posted on 2008-04-08 20:05:35

jes i didi it only what i need to do is copy image link
Guest posted on 2008-04-05 19:19:55

I can download I giv may pictures but dont get it
Guest posted on 2008-04-05 00:05:21

i love this avatar how do i download it please post a link
Guest posted on 2008-04-01 23:38:04

cool... how do i get it.......
flare posted on 2008-03-31 03:38:02

gw banget
wayu posted on 2008-03-24 22:32:13

cristiano2701 posted on 2008-03-24 21:37:43

sss posted on 2008-03-09 16:17:32

macam bodoh jer !!!!!!!!!!!! like fucking shit !!!!
Rufaqa` posted on 2008-03-01 09:12:51

wanna know how you dealt with tis' animation?...wanna share a software for tis' stuff?
meg posted on 2008-03-01 05:25:58

goes on 4 abit long but it brill!!! im surprisd u manged to think of loads of ways to try and blow it up!
lolgirl posted on 2008-02-25 17:07:39

Very nice Avi
Reaper2794 posted on 2008-02-24 16:17:27

i love you margarita galido....XD....XD
delpot posted on 2008-02-22 05:41:07

thank uuuu
abooood posted on 2008-02-21 17:05:24

pwnjones, It's simple. He's trying to open the door.
That guys momma --> posted on 2008-02-09 21:20:54

hilaaaaaaarious :) Great one, but please can any one tell me how to download it???
M_A_O posted on 2008-01-19 19:58:34

Big, Explosive. I don't get it.
pwjones posted on 2008-01-16 05:53:58

Ermmm..i made that avatar,and published it on the net. ;)
Lennon posted on 2008-01-11 17:18:43

ived seen 3 of this kind of stick man.. visit photobucket .com and search stickman/stick man..
Guest posted on 2008-01-09 19:13:45

seriously hwo do you download, it still has the same amount of data but no preview or anything
seriously posted on 2008-01-07 07:13:43

So how the hell do you download this?
Jinxes posted on 2008-01-04 01:52:59

its the wrong way to open door right ya?
metal posted on 2007-12-24 04:50:17

That ia Baaaaad, in good way that is.
DINGDONG posted on 2007-12-17 20:43:23

Need to be bigger
Left Tennant posted on 2007-12-15 17:54:06

tooo small
victor posted on 2007-12-15 06:52:31

how do i download this because it sooo C00L!
unknown posted on 2007-12-14 05:44:49

connal posted on 2007-12-04 19:54:10

louise posted on 2007-11-28 08:17:54

reaperclone1 posted on 2007-11-18 22:16:00

it soo freakin awsome
shion posted on 2007-11-16 05:41:33

Realy Great work man. Got more????
Lethaldoze posted on 2007-11-16 00:48:59

SHINO posted on 2007-11-07 00:54:40

i like this
shiva posted on 2007-11-01 05:25:24

i love this
Coldan posted on 2007-10-26 06:10:08

er ur a cunt and u like balls
ur all going to die posted on 2007-10-23 01:27:20

Its Gay
Zac posted on 2007-10-21 04:32:10

^The fagget posting above me is a fagget.^
go to hell posted on 2007-10-21 00:02:44

its cute
spaceyone posted on 2007-09-30 21:43:22

Struggles much
Guest posted on 2007-09-30 21:28:42

i creatid this avart
super0 posted on 2007-09-26 21:00:21

im proof
super0 posted on 2007-09-26 20:57:01

i now how to downleod freaks.
super0 posted on 2007-09-26 20:56:18

very good
kline posted on 2007-09-23 17:21:00

dragon ballz Z
0blivi0n posted on 2007-08-17 03:26:58

real gd... not haha
Guest posted on 2007-08-07 21:43:06

Nice one buddy!!
Matt posted on 2007-08-07 18:54:59

ic4n posted on 2007-07-02 09:29:42

this is so funny
Guest posted on 2007-06-22 20:54:12

fucking nuts
anonymus posted on 2007-06-19 19:55:37

Guest posted on 2007-06-13 04:14:40

thinman posted on 2007-06-12 21:17:46

how do i download this and then resize...all i get is a still frame, which suks azz....HELP ME PLEEZ!!!
bnevik posted on 2007-06-11 06:22:44

any way to make this an AIM buddy icon?
A guy posted on 2007-06-09 07:40:29

i cant do it it wont let me how do u do it
Guest posted on 2007-06-03 21:53:13

Awesome freakin avatar, reminds me of DBZ, haha
Guest posted on 2007-05-31 05:24:22

wow not really hard to use as an avatar lmao,N00bz Its not protected,any way thank you,awesome.
-=WSS=-Dirrty posted on 2007-05-21 08:19:17

freaken sweet! how do i download it?
collin posted on 2007-05-17 20:21:44

doesn't it say multi-lock on at the end? NVM, my mate did a colour one of this i think :)
B1gbird posted on 2007-05-17 01:00:22

DAMN!!!! This is better than the one where he is kickin' ass!!!
ATLien posted on 2007-05-16 20:48:46

u ppl r ttly r3trdd. u nt hrd ov rght clck nd save? f00kin n00bz LoLz
Lolz posted on 2007-05-13 17:00:43

awesome man!!!!
rich.i posted on 2007-05-11 03:38:30

Johno posted on 2007-05-10 16:58:34

This is too sweet. How can i dl this. it's a must have......
chris posted on 2007-05-10 00:45:05

christine posted on 2007-05-09 15:22:32

grred posted on 2007-05-03 17:25:25

All I can say is Bad Ass Stickman, Great Work,
XSPOONX posted on 2007-05-02 22:01:56

you'd have to web-wack the site in order to download the pic, it is protected from conventional means
White Hat posted on 2007-05-02 20:57:49

I've been wanting this one also.Maybe it won't save because it contains too many frames. Too bad.I wish Ryan would let others use this avatar.Too cool.
zonker posted on 2007-04-18 16:57:15

Know how the little dude feels some days. made me pee my "Y's with laughter
Knobby posted on 2007-04-13 22:00:34

aray yaar save hojao plz yeh save kiyon nahi horaha hai soooooooooo shweeeeeeetttt loovvveeelllyyy avater*
khushi posted on 2007-04-13 21:56:41

How do i add this it wont save.
Sithus posted on 2007-04-06 00:29:57

It is sad i can't save this avatar. it is really cool. posted on 2007-03-17 12:49:04

this is funnier than watching skot people run track, but i dont know how to save it or use it
ryan 2 posted on 2007-03-14 22:16:44

I feel just like Cassandra. I can't get it to save to my desktop. >_<
Jarred the Hedgehog posted on 2007-02-23 02:36:04

OMG! I love you avatar! But my computer won't let me save it. Could someone help me out and send it to me? PLEASE!?!?!?!
Cassandra posted on 2007-02-21 02:09:09

That's better then xiaoxiao. ^_^
Jarred the Hedgehog posted on 2007-02-20 00:31:41

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man!!!!! That is funny and cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!!!!!!!!!! I'm proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^
Jarred the Hedgehog posted on 2007-02-20 00:26:28

great ,very good
Guest posted on 2007-02-19 17:15:58

DDuu huu Huude! its the awsomest bestest most coolest avatar eva! can i have it? or like it? ... please??
Oliver posted on 2007-02-19 14:51:17

thats gay!,, ,, ,,
BAYBEE ELMO posted on 2007-02-15 15:10:23

WOW n1 animations:D
Mmmariush posted on 2007-01-29 18:40:20

wow. animaniC! takeiteazy, boy0...
errr...OR posted on 2007-01-29 18:14:43

Guest posted on 2007-01-26 23:28:03

holy shit thats a-maz-za-zing! and i thought what i made was cool.this puts mine to shame.
avidork posted on 2007-01-25 03:31:15

I want to send it to my email....Klisz at seznam dot cz
Kubał posted on 2007-01-20 08:58:46

Wow, nice work!
Stevo posted on 2007-01-11 08:17:41

Wow, ya just wow. I thank you for taking the time to do this.
karategirlkia posted on 2006-12-07 01:52:22

GOLDEN-ARM posted on 2006-11-08 05:19:08

amazing and beautiful
dfm21 posted on 2006-10-27 18:26:21

This is insane and it gave me multiple seizures.
Sent posted on 2006-10-16 08:20:05

I cant said nathing....ounly one thing..... amazing..
Net posted on 2006-10-10 00:08:51

I can't get it to work either.
Gelati posted on 2006-09-28 17:00:18

hmm.. can't get this to work ?? want it so badly :D
frjun posted on 2006-09-28 10:07:40

magnific avatar..:and funny allso
Guest posted on 2006-09-21 20:22:34

Great what the chinese text say?
mk7 posted on 2006-08-22 20:22:36

i love this one
katie posted on 2006-07-10 09:04:01

Spectacular avatar!
mindaz3 posted on 2006-06-22 13:36:27

Guest posted on 2006-06-11 20:59:31

vangelis posted on 2006-06-10 18:01:26

Wow this one goes on for a while! Like it!
Starr posted on 2006-06-08 07:27:56

so qute
Why the h*** do u want to no posted on 2006-05-18 22:41:31

yay!! how can i dL dis thing. and can i make this as a screen saver. .ahaha. .
don posted on 2006-05-10 14:57:53

I love it
Tyler posted on 2006-04-27 23:25:35

...The Best...
mindaz3 posted on 2006-04-26 16:27:16

this is the coolest avatar!!!
some 1 posted on 2006-04-17 16:04:00

Any way to turn this into a screensaver
Brad posted on 2006-04-17 08:47:07

Guest posted on 2006-03-30 13:48:29

nicely done dude...
sucker posted on 2006-03-30 06:29:48

can get this one for some reason i want tho its so cool
vulger posted on 2006-03-29 06:40:23

The cooolest !
FILTER posted on 2006-03-25 22:26:38

pavitra posted on 2006-03-19 17:22:37

Very Nice;)
Omega posted on 2006-03-17 23:48:52

:D superb *****
MisanthropE posted on 2006-03-17 10:08:38

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