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added by augustie on 2006-04-23
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if that's how you people really feel, then put the gun to your head and pull the fucking trigger already.
afxckinga-hole posted on 2009-01-26 17:45:02

... Err.. Monky Spank... Half of what you said made no sense at all. ^^;
Avery posted on 2007-04-02 03:54:28

lol @ avery
dsgs posted on 2007-01-17 00:19:37

Geeze. Poor you augustie, sassy's just taking her attitude where she can force people to see it. I'm emo myself, or that's what people tell me. At school I'm "That Emo Freak" Hehe, they never ask to borrow MY pencil! *grin*
Avery posted on 2007-01-03 06:33:47

geez it's just an avatar.... though i think "i make fun of emo people" has a point and good sarcasim I LIKE IT! I've been there, AND FIXED MYSELF. but "sassy" you seroiusly shouldn't ask poeple who make and look at kewl avatars to fix you. Ask a therapist!!!! I mean my "DAD" even told me i was a mistake.... but alas, he died..... accidently i swear.... lol just kidding he's still alive, unfortunetly!
fairie posted on 2006-12-30 07:50:12

I feel this way to and fu*k you to the as*wipe who doesn't get it...make fun of all the emo people you want...but you don't know what it is to have your mind work against you. I know I have everything in the world that most people want...but I still don't want to exist...and that is all I feel like I am doing...I go through the motions of work and family and try to pretend there is nothing wrong, but I am a wreck, can't think straight when I have to deal with my family and most of work is my blessing, I know what I am doing and I feel halfway confident there as long as I don't have to interact with others. Then I have problems. I am a college graduate, who owns a car, a harley and a toyota truck...and my own horse farm. I am female and I do the work myself. So I know I am not a loser, but I still feel like one. Tell me what is wrong with me and I will pay you if you can fix me.
sassy posted on 2006-12-26 11:03:19

This is how i feel right now. i feel as if no one cares. i have no point in life any more. That no one even knows im here. mine as well not be here any more.
unknown posted on 2006-10-25 18:35:36

oh you poor thing. oh alas, all the pain and misery of life, and only depressing music can make it any better (if that doesn't make sense to someone then they just don't understand you, NOBODY does... sigh.) and your insanity is all you have... uhhhhh besides silly trivial things like GOD and FRIENDS and A LIFE and LOVE... and other UNIMPORTANT stuff like that. i bet everyone pities you a whole lot for your absolutely fuckin' terrible situation.
i make fun of emo people posted on 2006-10-13 20:03:26

Very sad image. Wish i could get it removed. :(
Rohan posted on 2006-05-11 01:12:44

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