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added by STEVE on 2006-11-14
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who cares :D youll all fuckin burn like all the lambs :D
asmodeusbane posted on 2011-05-07 03:24:16

Being Wiccan I can state that the pentagram a.k.a. pentacle was used as a symbol of protection as well as being used when casting circles to represent the five elements. When Christianity came along and brought with it the Witches Hammer they took the Pentagram and inverted it to represent Satan and to convince other none Wiccans that we used it to summon and worship a figure that doesn't even exist in our faith. Case closed!
Cachelot posted on 2010-01-17 09:45:06

Mobius Null. Correct. Recorded use back to 3500BC Think that predates Christianity by quite a bit. It amazes me how ignorant some people can be.
Dog posted on 2009-09-14 17:18:28

All who have placed (information) should do a little history upon this symbol before making assumptions on its origins. First and foremost, it was extensively used by the ancient Sumerian culture in religious rites, it was one of several symbols used to represent the Sumerian goddess Innana long before most established western religions were even invented. So please get your facts straight before spreading unsound propaganda .... "thank you!"
Mobius Null posted on 2008-08-15 03:33:04

for all those people sayen that the pentagram was used first by the christians are wrong almost everything the christians use is stollen from pagans
lupus posted on 2008-04-21 01:19:15

PaganForever, you are incorrect. Christians used the pentagram to represent the five wounds of Jesus. It was Neopagans who used it as the 5 spirit elements that you are referring to. Please get your facts straight.
WiccanWoman posted on 2008-03-27 15:26:46

ok a little thing about pentagrams yes christins did use it first BUT they used a normal pentagram faceing up and it did stand for earth air w/e and it also was for jesus christ arms legs head w/e but this pentagram is inverted
mutharfwalker posted on 2008-02-26 04:05:33

please, the pentagram is not just about devil or satan worshipping
guest posted on 2008-02-24 08:27:00

In this new time, the Christnian Sheeps donīt use the Pentagramm anymore...
! posted on 2008-01-19 18:40:27

I hate to tell you that the christains used this before anyone! A pentagram means Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. For all you lame stupid people out there!!
PaganForever posted on 2007-12-18 03:23:58

i like the way it looks but im not a saton wershopper
WolfsPrincess posted on 2007-12-15 03:36:28

pentagrams are not about devil worship.
witch posted on 2007-05-28 06:25:36

That is BadAss
Guest posted on 2007-05-20 00:31:51

In nomine satanas, lucieri excelsi
Guest posted on 2007-05-11 21:17:18

Hugh posted on 2007-04-15 16:14:45

Well, I wouldn't go THAT far.
Avery posted on 2007-02-26 08:05:46

Hail Satan!!!
Huii golqm posted on 2007-01-26 13:24:38

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