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added by Image keeper on 2005-07-27
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ece posted on 2011-01-25 20:25:06

that is so funny! I love cows!
kateykat22 posted on 2008-07-20 00:42:01

aww!it's tongue is so read like your tongue too!
you don't need to know. posted on 2008-05-14 09:42:35

Milk does a body good. IF you're a calf. Are you a calf?!
Guest posted on 2008-05-05 21:54:44

izabelutza posted on 2007-11-22 21:59:15

This is awesome! I love cows!
weathercow posted on 2007-11-17 03:55:05

HEY omg i love cows they r sooooooo awesome its soooo cute
BREE_BEE ROX UR SOX!!! posted on 2007-06-06 02:35:08

Cow chicken airplane duck! Sorry about that,I like this avatar and I also like cows.
Guest posted on 2007-06-01 13:25:40

yeahh :)) it`s meee :P I love calves ;)
deni posted on 2006-07-18 22:33:25

Wow this is cool, im so having that as my avatar
matt posted on 2006-06-04 11:02:49

Funny! it's my favourite, cow is my totem animal I must have it.
zel posted on 2006-05-25 09:40:17

*gasp* i heart cows much!!! i love it!!!!
Guest posted on 2006-03-30 03:18:29

Very Cute!
Debby posted on 2006-03-20 09:21:42

how to downland
Guest posted on 2006-03-09 08:18:06

Guest posted on 2006-02-28 02:31:55

lickety split
Guest posted on 2006-02-25 09:02:11

bettyboop posted on 2006-01-22 05:24:51

I Want it, cows are awesome!!! it's makin ma screen a lil wet tho !!!
Ellie posted on 2006-01-22 01:53:22

lurve it!
Ham posted on 2006-01-20 19:44:55

so tiny
dery posted on 2006-01-19 17:56:20

Cute cute cute
Rach posted on 2006-01-15 20:41:07

Guest posted on 2005-12-26 17:53:01

laja posted on 2005-12-18 19:30:50

ewwww it got me! yuck!
billy bong posted on 2005-12-18 01:47:35

I love this one!
Kryos_1 posted on 2005-12-03 23:11:27

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