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Sometimes it hurts but its only imagination
added by thE.CeLL on 2005-08-07
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from the awesome movie 'The Ring'
jackie posted on 2012-04-01 00:33:36

Guest posted on 2009-10-02 02:57:36

I do this with my penis
Nick. posted on 2009-08-13 20:06:25

That hurts soooooooooo much omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ouch posted on 2009-04-04 22:25:30

its too nasty and hard to feel sick from it uuuugggghhhhh!!!!
Guest posted on 2009-04-03 03:41:48

omfg this hurts aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww
daryo posted on 2007-09-18 20:35:10

After seeing how cool this is, im gonna burn my house down.
Matt posted on 2007-09-16 06:16:12

Guest posted on 2007-09-10 16:40:18

oh. shit.. i am feeling bad! XD
fede_feluma posted on 2007-05-02 22:09:13

you posted on 2007-04-23 14:40:34

That's cool but sort of impossible. I thought there was too many bones in the way to even get through the whole finger.
kahmii posted on 2007-04-14 08:05:55

I'm cummin'just watchin' it!
Nasty posted on 2006-12-26 00:10:17

Yuk.. I feel sick
Richie posted on 2006-12-20 22:26:40

Sacry yet COOL
?? posted on 2006-11-08 14:01:13

thats the gayest most emo thing ive ever seen
Guest posted on 2006-10-13 20:42:41

very disturbing
your mom posted on 2006-08-24 00:30:53

how do u copy this to like a myspace comment anybody? thanks.
j0n posted on 2006-08-22 21:07:53

Omg nobody knows where this is from? hasn't n_e body ever senn The Ring? n_e ways.... THiiS iiS FUCKiiNG SiiCK!!! EEEWWWWWW!!!! :(
CHRiiSTiiANA_92 posted on 2006-08-02 22:38:58

/// posted on 2006-08-02 09:42:02

I wonder what happened with the ones finger...
Stealthblade posted on 2006-07-08 22:14:40

Guest posted on 2006-06-28 01:42:58

that is so gross, but so addicting to watch.. i like it
ash posted on 2006-06-04 03:46:32

err thats miging!!!! luv ya
lauren posted on 2006-05-26 13:02:50

OMG!! its the way the fingernail seperates from the finger . . . eeewwww
Matt posted on 2006-05-24 13:04:03

ow i dont know if to laff or crap my self.....
olli posted on 2006-05-21 20:19:42

that nail sure does look pokey. that finger sure looks ouchy.
lAdY bUg posted on 2006-05-12 06:16:27

that gave me dain bramage
Kingdom posted on 2006-05-10 03:11:24

OOOUUUUCCCCHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! damn!!!
dorita posted on 2006-05-09 22:40:37

Guest posted on 2006-04-01 16:19:25

That's gross....but also FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!
Meagan posted on 2006-03-26 05:21:04

o my god!
bryan rolle posted on 2006-02-05 22:55:15

How can I display this as my avatar on forums?
Alain posted on 2006-01-31 17:57:17

Fishheads posted on 2006-01-23 04:56:38

very funny!!
Michael Green posted on 2006-01-19 20:15:49

Painfull and cool...
Founder posted on 2006-01-18 16:16:51

Rrappa posted on 2006-01-17 20:46:39

where are the drops spraying off the end???
i'd rather not say posted on 2006-01-12 08:44:15

damn shittt! some kind of weirdo,but it's cool man they make my brain out...
jhun posted on 2006-01-11 21:22:01

What the hell... that's messed up shit.
chilly posted on 2005-12-28 01:54:32

it doesnt hurt that much...if u take ur mind away from it...
screwyou posted on 2005-12-25 02:52:46

Holy Shit !
ΰЙČŁ Daniel posted on 2005-12-13 05:21:41

wat the!!!??? damn horiible!!!!!!!!!!! But It's kinda cool too........
Mr. Renzokuken posted on 2005-12-13 05:18:53

What da hell?
Guest posted on 2005-12-01 01:46:19

holy shit
ryan posted on 2005-11-27 00:22:58

Holy shit!!! That is horrible!!! It is surely made with a dead'd man finger, of course!!!
Danny posted on 2005-11-24 14:18:17

damn that reminds me of the ring2 but thats got to hurt
jay posted on 2005-11-14 23:04:33

Tails posted on 2005-11-14 00:15:03

HOLY CRAP!! that must hurt lik bloodly hell!! but in a way that is pretty cool but then again EWWWWW
Lisa posted on 2005-10-30 19:41:49

oh.. it's fr0m the ring. i l0ve this fiLm. ;> this ava is fr0m the h0rror movie which kiLLs everyb0dy after a week who l00ked id! ;D gReaT! xD
laura posted on 2005-10-27 21:52:19

Why would anyone do that?????????
Alyssa posted on 2005-10-20 21:55:57

that is really disturbing
Ricky posted on 2005-10-19 07:47:09

ali posted on 2005-10-04 21:05:19

I think it's fake... if not ewwwwww
Matty posted on 2005-09-08 22:33:58

Come get some!
Sap posted on 2005-08-20 12:03:26

Omfg dude thats gotta be pain full holy hell
Sil posted on 2005-08-09 07:32:38

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