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added by Chrissy on 2007-04-09
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If their wasn't a you tube with millions of followers,and I bet a LOT do look at these gals and some probably even seek them out.Now go put some clothes on and cover it up.It's disgusting.
Guest posted on 2014-03-29 08:13:54

Africa was happy she'd survived her career as a sea bouy. And now had hopes of becoming a tug boat because she loves the ocean.
Guest posted on 2008-07-18 16:48:58

"What do you mean I have to pay for TWO seats on this flight?!"
Guest posted on 2008-07-18 16:47:59

It's elephantatis I believe
sigh posted on 2008-06-19 05:26:29

That is not real or is it Pervs Stay away I but u like it
lol posted on 2007-10-08 01:10:29

If she's looking for work, I hear parking pylons are hiring. Either that or a super cushion to stop run away semi-tractor trailers.
bigarse posted on 2007-09-01 04:30:44

That can not be real. There isn't a toilet in the world that could handle that. And as far as fuckin it, if she laid on her back she'd have to have a man with a schlong as long as the average persons forearm.
Buttwhat posted on 2007-08-24 00:28:41

Wow thats some ass right there!! LMAO
Jo posted on 2007-05-10 13:45:08

got some Junk in that trunk
Guest posted on 2007-05-10 03:28:08

This is why black men have big cocks. Even on it's back, you ain't getting to nothing unless you drill for oil.
WTF IZ that? posted on 2007-05-08 03:34:32

Bertha was proud of her profile picture. And felt, just as soon as she shits out the Volkswagen, she'll have a perfect profile picture. :)
IMstunned posted on 2007-05-08 03:33:23

Thats sad
popcorn posted on 2007-05-05 23:26:00

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is nasty is it real
jessi posted on 2007-04-30 17:54:20

OMG!! I hopt thats not real
gone with the wind posted on 2007-04-11 01:19:16

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